a.   Quality Assurance:EP 415-1-261, Volume 1
b.   JBLM operates under an Environmental Management System (EMS).  All JBLM-related contract actions must conform to theJBLM Environmental Policy. Contractors should contact the JBLM   EMS Coordinator (253-966-6470) for guidance.  
d.   For asbestos abatement requirements, see Section 02 82 00, ASBESTOS REMEDIATION.
e.    JBLM Hazardous Materials Restricted Use List (RUL) - Information Paper
f.    JBLM Hazardous Material Restricted Use List (RUL)
g.    HJB Form 223 (Hazardous Waste Customer Service Agreement)
h.    HJB Form 224 (Borrow Source Area Use Authorization)
i.     HJB Form 225 (JBLM Sustainable Acquisition Exception Form)
j.     HJB Form 226 (RUL Exemption Request)
k.    HJB Form 228 Spill Response Incident Report
l.     HJB Form 229 (C&D Diversion-Disposal Transaction Report)
m.   HJB Form 229 Instructions
n.   HJB Form 233 (Solid Waste/Recycling Customer Service Agreement)
o.    HJB Form 949-1 (Contractor Environmental Compliance Checklist)
p.    HJB Form 950-1 (Contractor Hazardous Waste Checklist)
q.    HJB Form 951-1 (Contractor Hazardous Materials Checklist)
r.    HJB Form 952-1 (Contractor Operational Area Checklist)
s.     HJB Form 953 Hazardous Material Inventory
t.    JBLM Installation Regulation 200-1
u.    JBLM Installation Regulation 420-5
v.   Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) , Section 6002
w.    Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, Section 9002
x.    Federal Sustainable Acquisition Items/Requirements
y.  DoD Green Procurement Policy(Aug 27 2004)
z.  DoD Green Procurement Strategy(Nov 2008)
aa.   Army Green Procurement Policy(Nov 22 2006)
bb.   Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 23
cc.   USDA BioPreferred Program
dd.   EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
ee.   FEMP
ff.   Energy Star
gg.     EPEAT
hh.     WaterSense
ii.   EPA SNAP
jj.     EPA Final Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
kk. UFC 1-200-2 (High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Requirements)
ll.   ASA IE&E Sustainable Design and Development Policy(Jan 17 2017)
mm.   CITES information
nn.   CITES timber species
oo.   Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
pp.    10 CFR 436 Subpart A (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Energy- and -Water Related Projects)
qq.    NIST 135 (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Energy- and -Water Related Projects)
rr.   OMB Circular A-94 (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Non-Energy and -Water Related Projects)
ss.    Tri-Services MOA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, MILCON)
Changes or Criteria Notes to Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)
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Design Requirements
Use this section in tandem with Design Standards section 01 57 19.01 20 SUPPLEMENTAL TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS.  (Note for older contracts: Content at 01 57 19.01 20 was incorporated at 01 57 19 prior to June 2020 revision).
JBLM is committed to protect and conserve the environment. All maintenance, repair and construction work on the installation will comply with all applicable environmental policy, laws and regulations; identify potential sources of pollution and meet or exceed Army goals for prevention of pollution and minimize adverse environmental impacts. Contractors shall conform to JBLM's Environmental Policy and the requirements of JBLM's Environmental Management System.
Notes to Designers on Drawing Content
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Applicable Points of Contact
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