2. Energy Efficient Equipment Requirements
  3. Federal Sustainable Acquisition Items/Requirements
  4. Executive Order 13834
  5. DoD Green Procurement Policy (Aug 27 2004)
  6. DoD Green Procurement Strategy (Nov 2008)
  7. Army Green Procurement Policy (Nov 22 2006)
  8. Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 23
  9. 10 CFR 436 Subpart A (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Energy- and -Water Related Projects)
  10. NIST 135 (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Energy- and -Water Related Projects)
  11. EPA Final Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
  12. HJB Form 225 (JBLM Sustainable Acquisition Exception Form)
  13. UFC 1-200-2 (High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Requirements)
  14. ASA IE&E Sustainable Design and Development Policy (Jan 17 2017)
Changes or Criteria Notes to Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)
Paragraph # and Title (if any) Note to Designer Change Text
1.3 SUBMITTALS 01 33 29 is not incorporated in the specifications, change reference to 01 33 29 in this section to instead say 01 57 19.01 20 SUPPLEMENTAL TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS and ensure the additional sustainable acquisition language at paragraphs "Submittals" and "Sustainable Acquisition" of 01 57 19.01 20 is included within that section.  
1.3 SUBMITTALS For the applicable Energy Star submittals under SD-11, also include them under SD-01 so the Government can verify proposed items are compliant with legal and policy requirements prior to commencement of supply.  
2.1.1 MATERIALS [NOTE: In the column to the right, select 01 33 29 when it is incorporated into the specifications, otherwise select 01 57 19.01 20 and ensure it includes added sustainable acquisition language at paragraphs "Submittals" and "Sustainable Acquisition"]
Add the following:
Provide materials and documentation meeting the requirements at Section [01 33 29 SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING][01 57 19.01 20 SUPPLEMENTAL TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS] paragraph ENERGY EFFICIENT PRODUCTS. For more information, see> and
2.1.2 COOKING TOP Replace this paragraph with the following: 2.1.2. Electric 2 Burner Cook Top
UL 197 or UL 858 with the following features:
  1. Approximate size: 21 in depth by 12 in wide.
  2. Cooking Surface: Smooth Top GLASS CERAMIC
  3. 2 Heating zones (burners) - not more than 1200 W each
  4. Stainless Steel frame
  5. Residual HOT surface heat red lights
  6. Power ON indicator light for each burner
  7. Safety feature required - heat limiting cooking surface protectors
  8. Power Source: Electric
  9. Voltage 120V 60Hz - 20 Amp
  10. Electrical connection with conduit
  11. Warranty: not less than One Year Parts and Labor
  12. Potential Manufactures: KENYON, JENN-AIR, GENERAL ELECTRIC
Design Requirements
All barracks upgrades that will include kitchenettes are to include "two-burner" cook-tops.  They are to be provided and installed by the contractor.  They WILL NOT be considered "Government Furnished."
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