1. Quality Assurance: EP 415-1-261, Volume 3
  3. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) , Section 6002
  4. Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, Section 9002
  5. Federal Sustainable Acquisition Items/Requirements
  6. DoD Green Procurement Policy (Aug 27 2004)
  7. DoD Green Procurement Strategy (Nov 2008)
  8. Army Green Procurement Policy (Nov 22 2006)
  9. Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 23
  10. USDA BioPreferred Program
  11. EPA Final Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
  12. HJB Form 225 (JBLM Sustainable Acquisition Exception Form)
  13. UFC 1-200-2 (High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Requirements)
  14. ASA IE&E Sustainable Design and Development Policy (Jan 17 2017)
Changes or Criteria Notes to Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)

Design Requirements
  1. Coordinate painting requirements with environmental issues, i.e. LBP surveys and specifications.
  2. JBLM has selected certain standard colors for the exterior and some interior paint work.
  3. Include the following note in all specifications:  Manufacturers are listed for color, pattern, style or texture reference and are not intended to limit contractor's selection of materials by other manufacturers.  Matching colors, patterns, styles or textures from other manufacturers are acceptable.
  4. Exterior Color List:

Downtown Colors
Brick base color: Vintage mission - Mutual Materials
Main wall color:  Balanced Beige - SW 7037 (Approximately Federal Specs 26521, matte finish).
Accent wall color: Chatroom - SW 6171 (Approximately Federal Specs 26408, matte finish) 
Historic (WWII) trim color: Retreat - SW 6207 (Approximately Federal Specs: 16307, Matte finish)
Window Color: Classical White - SW 2829 (Approximately Federal Specs: 17886, semi-gloss finish)
Roof/Accent trim color - Match new lodge roof (AEP Span Cool Terra Cotta)
Roof Shingles (architectural grade only) Certain Teed Landmark 40 Architectural Grade Shingles  color: Burnt Sienna
REPLACE/DO NOT USE Colonial Revival Tan - SW 2828
Banana Belt Colors
Roof: Cool Weathered Copper (AEP Span)
Fascia/Gutters: Cool Weathered Copper (AEP Span)
Downspouts - match wall color (Cool Metallic Champagne (AEP Span)
Vertical Metal Siding: Cool Metallic Champagne (AEP Span) - Match wall color
Soffit Panels - match wall color (Cool Metallic Champagne (AEP Span)
Wall Color - Balance Beige - SW 7037, (Approximately Federal Specs: 26521)
Window Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum (verify color of windows/doors to remain - repaint to   match clear anodized if required)
Related Site Structures
Courtyard enclosure walls, Match Adjacent Building
        retaining walls, fences,
        dumpster enclosures
Porch crawl space enclosure                      Match Adjacent Building
Historic District Buildings, Fort Lewis
Coordinate with ED Cultural Resources Program
Low Emissions
Ensure interior products (applied within building weatherproofing) comply with the requirements at ASHRAE 189.1 Section 8.4.2 or 8.5.2.  Coordinate with ED Pollution Prevention Program
Note:  Contractor must verify colors of buildings with the Contracting Officer prior to painting.
Notes to Designers on Drawing Content
Provide finish schedules showing paint schemes by room or room type, including wall (include color for accent wall if appropriate), ceiling if paint finish, and trim color(s).
Standard Details
Applicable Points of Contact
Design Standards