2. Federal Sustainable Acquisition Items/Requirements
  3. Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 23
  4. EPA Final Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
  5. HJB Form 225 (JBLM Sustainable Acquisition Exception Form)
  6. UFC 1-200-2 (High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Requirements)
  7. ASA IE&E Sustainable Design and Development Policy (Jan 17 2017)
Changes or Criteria Notes to Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)
Paragraph # and Title (if any) Note to Designer Change Text
1.2 SUBMITTALS If 01 33 29 is not incorporated in the specifications, change reference to 01 33 29 in this section to instead say 01 57 19.01 20 SUPPLEMENTAL TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS and ensure the additional sustainable acquisition language is included within that section.  
1.2 SUBMITTALS As applicable based on project scope, also incorporate all 'S' submittals at SD-11 under SD-01 Preconstruction Submittals so the Government can verify legal and policy compliance of proposed materials prior to work commencing.  
1.3.1 INDOOR AIR QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS Specify requirements and make selections to comply with ASHRAE Standard 189.1, section 8.4.2 or 8.5.2.   
2.1 PRODUCT SUSTAINABILITY CRITERIA Delete "For products in this section, where applicable and to extent allowed by
performance criteria, provide and document the following:" The language at 01 33 29/01 57 19.01 20 allows for exceptions based on performance criteria, as long as adequate justification per the applicable legal or policy requirement is provided on HJB Form 225.
2.1.1 RECYCLED CONTENT FOR GYPSUM BOARD MATERIALS NOTE: These requirements do not come from the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. Thus, they are not typically addressed at the RECYCLED CONTENT paragraph of 01 33 29 or 01 57 19.01 20. If including for LEED credit attainment or some other reason, modify the language at 01 33 29 or 01 57 19.01 20 RECYCLED CONTENT paragraph to clarify and address basis for requirement.  
2.1.2  REDUCE VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOC) (LOW-EMITTING MATERIALS) FOR PRODUCTS If not including 01 33 29 in the specifications, replace reference with 01 57 19.01 20 TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS and ensure the added sustainable acquisition language.
See note above at 1.3.1.

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