2. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) , Section 6002
  3. Federal Sustainable Acquisition Items/Requirements
  4. DoD Green Procurement Policy (Aug 27 2004)
  5. DoD Green Procurement Strategy (Nov 2008)
  6. Army Green Procurement Policy (Nov 22 2006)
  7. Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 23
  8. EPA Final Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
  9. HJB Form 225 (JBLM Sustainable Acquisition Exception Form)
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  11. ASA IE&E Sustainable Design and Development Policy (Jan 17 2017)
  12. 10 CFR 436 Subpart A (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Energy- and -Water Related Projects)
  13. NIST 135 (Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Energy- and -Water Related Projects)
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Changes or Criteria Notes to Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)
Paragraph # and Title (if any) Note to Designer Change Text
1.2 SUBMITTALS If 01 33 29 is not incorporated in the specifications, change reference to 01 33 29 in this section to instead say 01 57 19.01 20 SUPPLEMENTAL TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS and ensure the additional sustainable acquisition language is included within that section.  
1.2 SUBMITTALS Add the following under "SD-01 Preconstruction Submittals" and "SD-11 Closeout Submittls": Insulation (Recycled Content); S
Interior Insulation (VOC Content); S INSULATED SECTIONS [NOTE: In the column to the right, select 01 33 29 when it is incorporated into the specifications, otherwise select 01 57 19.01 20 and ensure it includes added sustainable acquisition language]
[NOTE: Include the VOC language if the insulation may off-gas/emit to the interior of the building (i.e., inside the weatherproofing)]
Add the following:
Provide products and documentation in accordance with Section [01 33 29 SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING][01 57 19.01 20 SUPPLEMENTAL TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS] paragraph[s] RECYCLED CONTENT REDUCE [and VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOC) (LOW EMITTING MATERIALS)]. For more information see and

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