1. Quality Assurance: EP 415-1-261, Volume 1  
  3. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Underground Storage Tank regulations and UST Application for Permit to Remove/Abandon:
  4. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Content and Form Requirements for UST Site Assessment/Closure Reports:
  5. Washington State Underground Storage Tank Statute and Regulations, 173-360:
  6. 30-Day Notice (020-95):
  7. Permanent Closure Notice (020-94):
  8. Site Check/Site Assessment Checklist (ECY 010-158):
  9. Guidance for Site Check/Site Assessment for Underground Storage Tanks:  
Changes or Criteria Notes to Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)
Paragraph # and Title (if any) Note to Designer Change Text
1.2   REFERENCES Add the Following EPA  40 CFR Part 280 Technical Standards and Corrective Actions For Owners and Operators of Underground Storage Tanks UST
EPA  40 CFR Section 112
Oil Pollution Prevention        
US Army Engineering Manuals (EM)
EM 1110-3-178          Removal of Underground Storage Tanks
EM 200-1-1              Validation of Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
Washington Administrative Codes (WAC)
173-360A                  Underground Storage Tank Statute and Regulations
173-340                    Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA)
173-303                    Dangerous Waste Regulations
Washington Department of Ecology Publications
Pub 91-30                Guidance for
Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Pub 90-52               Guidance for Site Checks and Site Assessments for Underground Storage Tanks
JBLM Regulations
Reg 200-1                 Environmental Protection and Enhancement
1.4   SUBMITTALS Add the following SD-03 Product Data
Work Plan; G, ADD Fuel Management Office, 966-1748
Qualifications; G, ADD Fuel Management Office, 966-1748
SD-06 Test Reports
All parentheses, ADD Fuel Management Office, 966-1748
Tank Closure Report
Requires government approval (G) through the JBLM Fuel Management Office, 966-1748
One electronic copy on CD Rom and 4 copies of the report for each UST site closed within 14 days of completing work
3.15   TANK CLOSURE REPORT Add the following Tank Closure Reports (one submitted for each tank/building site) shall follow the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Content and Form Requirements for UST Site Assessment/Tank Closure Reports and Pub 90-52 Guidance for Site Checks and Site Assessments for Underground Storage Tanks:
k.                  Copies of the following completed Washington State Department of Ecology documents:
                                            i.30-Day Notice (020-95)
                                          ii.  Closure and Site Assessment Notice (020-94)
                                        iii.Site Check/Site Assessment Checklist (010-158) - Must be signed by a Certified Washington State UST Site Assessor or a Washington State registered Professional Engineer.
                                        iv.Copy of the Tank Disposal Certificate
                                          v.Copy of the Site Assessor's certification
                                        vi.Copy of Tank De-commissioner's certification
Design Requirements
  1. JBLM is committed to protect and conserve the environment. UST removals on the installation will comply with all applicable environmental policy, laws and regulations; identify potential sources of pollution and meet or exceed Army goals for prevention of pollution and minimize adverse environmental impacts.
  2. Location of all storage tanks used during contract not exempt from EPA 40 CFR section 112. Provide emergency response action plan that interfaces with the installation plan and reporting requirements.

Notes to Designers on Drawing Content
Provide overall and site-specific site plan and materials removal plans as required in the attached specification to show required information. These may be attached to appropriate specification section or incorporated into the Contract drawings if complexity warrants.
Standard Details
Applicable Points of Contact
Design Standards